Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blizzard of a Chance & Mia

The best part of a blizzard is it is a great excuse to do whatever you want in the cozy nest of your home without anyone really bothering you.

I can stay in my cashmere pjs all day and cuddle with my cat.

There's on-line shopping and internet porn.

Arranging and rearranging furniture in a small space, exercise, laundry and all the other everyday bullshit that I do on a Saturday.

Finally, when there is absolutely nothing else to do, I will jot down ideas for future writing projects.

I'm not a procrastinator like some of my writing colleagues.  I'm a part time writer.  Probably more of a hobbyist, I guess, if you want to track my sales.  I only write when there is nothing else standing in the way of my focus.  Sometimes that window of opportunity is huge hence the six novels I have on the market.

I still need to figure out ways that don't require a $ investment to promote those books before I embark on more writing.  This is one - blogging here.  Forget Facebook - I interact with the crowd I met on Monsterburg Manor instead of using it as a place to befriend other writers.  And my own blog gives me a sad face.  I offered a chance to anyone who commented on my blog post a free PDF of A Ghost's Chance, my romantic paranormal erotica set on St. Valentine's Day, but have had no takers at all even after spending an hour or so listing it on the Yahoo groups.  Whah-wan!

It's also available as part of a bundle prize if you go to Excessica Publishing's like page on Facebook - you'll need to post the comment "I love love."

Snow seems so pretty when it falls like this.  There is a snow storm in A Ghost's Chance, which is set in Watertown, NY.  There's a ghost too. I don't believe in ghosts to be honest but I do like the idea of someone being there to help, like a guardian angel.  Being Orthodox, I always have my home blessed and there's holy water in the cupboard for religious emergencies or whatnot.  Powerful shit that is, says the woman who has also written a novel about a whore fucking Jesus...


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