Friday, January 13, 2012

A Ghost's Chance in Kindle Land Hell

I smell the fresh scent of excitement in the air.  What is that?  Because my stomach is in knots to the point where it feels tingly.  Not like a fart or anything.

A Ghost's Chance is here!  I had originally titled the book Ghost of a Chance, thinking how very clever I was.  Then I found out that a gazillion people have used that same title.  If you search it on, you will see what I mean.

A few years ago, a friend of mine died unexpectedly.  He was a guy who I thought I'd eventually have something more with.  We'd had great conversations.  The thing was we were always seeing other people.  The last time we saw each other he said he missed seeing me (we worked together until I had gotten a better job) and then he said, maybe I'll see you again.  Which I'd thought was a weird thing to say.  Maybe?  He died the following week.

So A Ghost's Chance is kind of my what if.  I like to think that my guy is with me.  He's there for me like a guardian angel.  I've had some very close calls accident-wise and...not that I believe in ghosts or anything.  I don't want to sound like a freak.  But there are times when I'm alone and I think I hear him talking to me.  But why me?  I was never his girlfriend.

There you have it.  It's autobiographical.  Maybe my Jeffrey is really with me, maybe I'm just crazy.  I must be crazy to spill my secrets like this!

The ebook will soon be available on all the sites.  So far it is here -

Thirty-nine-year-old Ellen Murakami is still single. Her success in pharmaceutical sales has allowed her to own her own home in Watertown, New York. However, she’s still a bit of a failure at relationships.

As St. Valentine’s Day approaches this year, Ellen’s luck seems to turn. Will she finally find her soul mate in businessman Paul Webber?

Told through the eyes of eighteen-year-old ghost, Jeffrey Brayden, A Ghost’s Chance chronicles Ellen’s love affair until Jeff finally gets a chance to compete for her affections and fulfill his destiny. Will love conquer all – even if it is completely unconventional?

Follow Jeff as he searches for true love from beyond the grave in this heartwarming Valentine tale.
Then I started thinking about that movie I’d seen when I was eight. Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Could I do that? Could I invade Paul’s body and make it my own? Maybe that was why I was here – but how the hell was I supposed to do that? Maybe I could just concentrate, I thought, and just make it happen. I mean, I am supernatural, right? And anything is possible. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried that concentrating on the positive outcomes thing.  
Get inside his body. Get inside Paul Webber’s body!
When I finally opened my eyes, I saw only the mist of the steam room, and my own transparent image as reflected within the glass door, which looked a little like the dead guy on that Stones album cover, Aftermath. I was alone in there. But in movies, like Heaven Can Wait, the body looked like the spirit inside. Hmm. Had it worked? I reached to open the door and my hand slid through. Nope, still me.
Paul had already exited and was now showering. He sang Paparazzi by that Lady Gaga person. Kind of made him sound like a narcissist, thinking that people would want to take pictures of him – naked I mean. Plus, I thought, Ellen’s taste in music is trapped in the ‘80s just like her heart. She likes Duran Duran - stuff like that. Was he really right for her? My instincts said no – unless it was my heart talking. I hated myself just then, because I thought it would hurt Ellen if she ever found out I’d tried to shit on her happiness somehow.
Anyhow, I tried again. I took a running start and leapt half way, kind of like a circus tiger jumping through a hoop of fire. I wondered if my ghostly ass might plop straight down to hell for this. God, I felt so guilty! I sprang through the shower curtain and hit Paul in the chest - thump-thud - and just ricocheted off, landing on the floor near the sinks.
Paul jumped out of the shower stall. “What the hell?” he shouted. “Is someone there?”
He looked scared. Clutching his chest, he started to breathe a little heavier. I could tell that his adrenaline level was rising. Then I watched his cock jump into an erection. Wow, it was a pretty impressive one as hard-ons go.
Hmm. I wasn’t supposed to steal his body, I thought. I guess I felt a little defeated, because it didn’t seem fair. I’d always been taught that love contained the power of the universe – a great love being the strongest of all. It was rock hard clear that I was supposed to remain on the outside and help Ellen find her love. And since it was almost St. Valentine’s Day, I’d settle for being Ellen’s cupid instead, and maybe this whole thing between us would end up making sense.


  1. Oh I totally know the feeling... I can't wait to read it! BTW Who is the model on the cover of the book? She is totally gorgeous...

  2. Thanks - Dakota Trace created the cover. I found the picture on She is my perfect Ellen Murakami - whoever she is!