Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Am My Own Muse

Ideas are popping up everywhere - for erotic stories that is.  They swish into my mind  at the strangest times and linger in the corner until I'm ready to tap into them.  In a way, they remind me of that creepy I-see-dead-people movie.  Like they are all standing in a queue waiting their turn until they see me and suddenly they wave their arms frantically for a chance to be written. 

Unfortunately, I'm not the ADD type.  I'm a one-thing-at-a-time girl.  So they will have to wait.  Sometimes I'll write an outline in a journal and go back to it like it's buried treasure or something.  For example, the whole story arc for Cinderella Ending is in my head but I haven't written any of it yet.  I have plans to start July 1st.  Hopefully the thing will flow out of me because there are other things to write.

Does this happen to other writers - that the more you write the more you think of to write?  I don't have time to read any more because I am constantly rereading my own stuff, and I rarely watch anything on TV past Days of Our Lives, which, as much as it's annoying me right now with that horrid freak of a girl, Taylor, muscling in on EJ Dimera, will continue to be my rabid guilty pleasure.

I wish I had more time to get this all out of me.  I need a giant summer purge, like a brain yard sale.  Or maybe I can be like Sharon Stone and be someone else's muse.  That sounds like a sexy plan.  Hmmm.


  1. I like to finish one project before I start the next one too. Sometimes the next idea keeps tugging at me until I give it some attention.

  2. I had take a time-out from my current story to read through the two stories set for publication one last time, which threw me out of my mind set for the comedy.

  3. I can't finish one before I start the next. I'm a big fan of plotting and setting aside, outlining and setting aside, drafting and setting aside, and so on. Means projects drag on, but my mind does a lot of work on a story in those "set it aside" periods, so I come back to it fresh and can see what the story needs. I have a lot more fun writing this way, instead of feeling pressured to get it right on the first shot.

    Most of my characters in the room have been with me for years, still looking for the chance to be written. When I finally know them well enough, I can't help but write them.

  4. I've tried talking into a recorder on the go but it just doesn't flow the same. I've pretty much stopped watching television also but I think that's stood thing. I complete one thing. Something else is brewing I jot notes.