Thursday, May 5, 2011

Branding, blogging and a new release...

Hi folks, it’s been a while since I stopped in here, but I’ve been busy editing my next book and getting more distribution channels for my short stories.  That’s an interesting adventure.  Uploading to the different sites is a lot of work, much more than I expected it to be and no two sites seem to have a consistent process.  Such is the life of the self-published. 
Beyond being busy with editing and uploads, I’ve been thinking about branding.  I’m hoping the path I’m going down will elevate  J.E. Taylor into a recognizable brand.  At first, my short stories were put under Taylor Publications – not very original and not something that leaves a lasting impression.  I wanted something with more punch.  More pizzazz.  Why?  Because Taylor Publications is just too boring a label for me. 
Going back to the image I’ve been building for many years – I decided to leverage JET - my nickname in writing circles which has even been expanded to "JET-powered Jane" by one of my online writing teachers (shout out to Margie Lawson – you rock!).    Thus, my own personal imprint ‘tis born:   JET-Fueled Fiction.
So now, I’m changing all my e-books and paperbacks to have  JET-Fueled Fiction listed on the title page in addition to my name.  It’s a fun and tiring exercise – updating documents, reformatting, replacing copies on all the distribution sites that I utilize, updating the paperbacks on CreateSpace, and all in preparation for my official launch of Hunting Season this month. 
And this is my first official blog in my blog tour and giveaway that I’m doing in May.  If you’re interested in getting in on the giveaway, swing by my blog at and check out the rules. 
Happy Cinco De Mayo!


  1. The brand is easiest to maintain if you remain true to who you really are. I often think that the protagonists in my stories are 'who I would like to be' in a given situation. For the sake of branding we get to invent a character, and then live with ourselves!

  2. Louis - I agree it is easier if the writing persona is on the same wavelength as the everyday persona. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hi JET! Can you explain what you mean about uploading to different sites?

    Are you your own publishing house now? I'd love to hear more about that. How it developed, what steps you took, etc.

  4. Mia - yes I'm my own publishing house now. :)

  5. I'll second Mia's post. I'd love to hear a bit more about the steps and work involved.

  6. Sorry M.E. and Mia - the month of May got away from me. Jason Halstead and I opened Novel Concept Publishing, LLC - a full service e-publisher this month and we've been setting up publisher accounts at the different distribution sites like Amazon and Smashwords and a few others along with getting our website in order and the legal functions and forms together. It is a tremendous amount of work - just ask Selena. :)

    But our doors are open and we've gotten some decent submissions along with some not so decent ones. Along with that, we are moving our self-pubbed backlist slowly over as well.

    Check us out at