Saturday, October 9, 2010

Censored by Amazon

I found out today that I've been censored by No, they didn't remove my book. And no, I wasn't censored because of the content of it according to my publisher. I was censored based solely on the basis of its cover.

Several things to point out here.
  1. This title with this cover had resided happily on Amazon for a year prior to this happening. It continues to reside on other sites at this time without apparent concern.

  2. What Amazon has done is to remove my book from the "All Departments" search. So far, if you search by title in just the Kindle Store, you can find this title -- but who knows when that could change. What has happened is that I have been taken out of the most common search results utilized by visitors to the website.

  3. The irony of this is that no actual woman was involved in the creation of this cover. This is a pencil sketch transformation of an image of a doll.

  4. No official notice of this action by Amazon was ever received. In fact the only way it was discovered was when another author asked why their work had suddenly disappeared from the All Departments search and, after much prodding, was told that the cover would have to be changed without saying exactly how.

  5. No changes of actual content have been requested -- again, so far.

  6. Could Amazon's action have been prompted by this Attack Article that recently appeared in Slate - an article that was, btw to my second-hand knowledge, a trojan horse in the way it was sold to the interviewee who didn't realize that it would be used to attack her largest distributor.
So it looks like I'm coerced into creating a new bookcover just for Amazon to meet unspecified criteria from an unpublished policy. Call that one more item that I can check off of my Bucket List. Shouldn't everyone be censored at least once in their life? After all, you don't know where the line is until after you've crossed over it.

Amazon, you could have just come to me and asked for a new book cover.

D.B. Story


  1. Nipples are bad!!!!!! Bad!!!! Didn't you know that? Men can mow their yards without a shirt on and show their nipples to the world. But women have MAGIC nipples. Our nipples MUST be covered. Even in drawings. Even in art. In all forms of media. Babies see nipples when they nurse, BUT they have very bad memories so that trauma is thankfully wiped from their innocent little minds!

    Maybe Amazon is afraid that people will see memories, have a flashback from when they were a baby, decide they are hungry, and leave Amazon without making a purchase to go have a Big Mac. That's my theory, anyway. :P

  2. *Will see nipples, not will see memories.

    Nipples make me too excitable to type right. See how dangerous they are???

  3. You're right, Zoe. Nipples are evil! They are the gateway drug for men, because once men see nipples, they start thinking affectionately about women, and that leads to flowers, and candlelight dinners, and the next thing you know, those dirty, sinful perverts are making sweet and passionate love to their wives.

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    Nipples are bad! Hide them in shame!

  4. Apparently butts are bad, too. They made me put a thong on my cover for "Babysitting the Baumgartners." *rolling eyes*