Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Five in a Prize

Now that I've broken my own curse and gained momentum on Cinderella Ending, I want to offer the opportuntiy for five people to win copies of both Cinderella Club and Cinderella Thyme. Just comment on my blog post - I will need your email address. That's it. Last time I offered a free PDF copy of a book, only two people responded so they both won. While I want to give the books away, I am doubting my blog will have that much activity. Maybe you can prove me wrong?

I am never happier than when I'm revisiting the characters in these novels. Today I thought - I don't really care what others think of the stories because this trilogy is my masterpiece and no one can disuade me from believing that. They are my Shallow Hal.

Cinderella Club has been moving up a list on - top books of Dark Erotica. It is 21st out of 79 with forty-four votes. Okay, one of them is mine. So, yeah. And yay! Because of course this would be less vain if people actually read and loved my work.

I'm up a few more thousand words and have mapped out the chapters on my trilogy final. It will be done on time. Now I just need to stay focused and all that. Who's with me?

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