Saturday, November 6, 2010

Smashwords Experiment

Hi folks,

During October, I experimented in a little test of name your price at Smashwords for my short stories.  It made a difference in sales.  I did three times as much during October, than I sold during either August or September.   However, to put some perspective to this - my Kobo and Sony sales were up too and those were paying venues. 

I believe the illusion of sales did drive my numbers up a little, however, folks decided to pay on other venues that they trusted more than Smashwords. I don't quite know what to make from this little experiment, so I'm going to try another promotional avenue for my books.   In looking at what eXcessica did for their scavenger hunt, I thought a smaller scale one might just drum up business for both my eXcessica and FIDO titles as well as my shorts. 

I'll let you know how that works next time. 

Until then, write like a demon! 

Happy November.

1 comment:

  1. I use Smashwords mainly as an avenue for international fans to purchase my work as well as for premium distribution as well as for those who don't have a Kindle or e-reader like the Nook that reads epub. And also for the coupon codes for free giveaways and such. I think Smashwords is incredibly useful just not for sales directly off the site. :)