Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Short and Sweet (or Naughty)

Hello fellow authors, artists, and readers! Ava James, your genre whore extraordinaire making my first appearance here.

I concur with my blogging comrades - epublishing is booming and you get what you give when it comes to advertising. That being said, I'll get to the point of my post; epublishing gives those of us with a flare for short stories a real chance to shine.

A little history on me, I'm that child in school that was constantly harassed by teachers to quit doodling. The one who, instead of taking real notes, was writing a story about tigers who turned into people under the full moon. (Yes, I wrote that story when I was 12, but it still holds promise.) I like being able to sit down to my computer the moment a new idea strikes, write until 2a.m., then start editing the next day on the 5,000 words I churned out.

I write for those of us with limited time, the ones who need a quick fix. Think about all of those great short stories that epublihsing brings you. The short, sweet ones that make you smile with their warmth or the blisteringly brief naughty encounters. With epublihsing, you don't have to leave the house to get fantastic short reads at a great price - it's immediate reading gratification. You want something you can read from start to finish in under an hour, we've got it. You want to read a pirate romance now and maybe a shape shifter erotic tale later, go ahead an download each. Who says a story has to be 200 pages to be rewarding? Sometimes all we have is a few minutes to devote to ourselves, so why not spend it in the middle of someone else's tryst?

Okay, my post has turned into the short ramblings of a distracted writer. But then again, isn't that why you looked at this blog today?

See you again on the 9th!
~ Ava

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